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The Informationpage with FAQ

This page contains information and news about things that relate to WebCHAT.


  • The Mailinglist 'webchatinfo'

    We have now started a newletter about WebCHAT. In Swedish only! Email to the editor: chatadmin at kajen dot com!
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  • The Mailinglist 'webchatforum'

    Open Mailinglist for WebCHAT fans. In Swedish only!
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  • The History of WebCHAT - ChatMaster gets nostalgic... :-)

    WebCHAT started in the summer of 1995 at an old Intel 486 PC with an early version of Linux Slackware as operative system. The connection to the Internet were 128 Kbit/s, so it was often very slow on this narrow wire, because people all over the world wanted to try this new thing talking "live" at a homepage... The solution for this problem were to move WebCHAT to Torget's SUN server, because they wanted a popular site with a lot of visitors. WebCHAT stayed there until june 30, 2000, when we moved back to Kajens old net, now with an connection of 2 Mbit/s on an Pentium III server running Linux Redhat as an engine. Old Kajen has changed apperance and name to
    Kulturservern who is takeing care of WebChat today.

    We want to keep the old feeling and style of WebCHAT as it looked when we starded in the early days of the web. :)
    WebCHAT is a classic we hope you enjoy!


  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Q: I can't enter WebChat! I just get a popup window asking for username and password, but I don't want to register! Do you have any anonymous guest alias I can use?

      A: You must be registered to enter WebChat. We do not have any anonymous guest logins and hope this will make WebChat a better place to visit.

    2. Q: How do I log out from WebChat?

      A: Close your web browser.

    3. Q: I have posted a message by pressing post/get but I don't get any reply!

      A: You have to hit Post/Get every now and then to see what other people write. But this is no guarantee to get an answer! This is up to anybody if they choose to talk to you. Try to write something personal and interesting and follow "Netiquett"! Stupid behavior and harsh words is often ignored and does not belong in the chat! WebCHAT is the oldest chat whith pros and cons; it's fast and almost ALL browser work, but the functions are basic. To see who is online, check our WebChat-O-Meter.

    4. Q: Hmmm... Me and some people seem to come from nowere i the chat? It just says "from" and then the date?

      A: After your name/alias behind the word "from" you find the domain-name where you come from on the Internet. If the IP don't have an domain name like "d212x51x23x122.your-provider.com", just the IP number like, the number will not be displayed. Everything is logged on the server, so people without domain name is logged anyway.

    5. Q: How do I know who's on in the chat?

      A: See our WebChat-O-Meter. When someone enters WebCHAT the name/alias and the word "Entering..." is displayed.

    6. Q: Help! Someone has stolen my nic and is saying terribe things!!!

      A: In new WebChat your Alias is unique and protected by a password, so someone with a Alias simular to yours is behaveing bad, or someone has got or guessed your password. Contact us at email addres chatadmin at kajen dot com! Our policy is once is ignored, but if this behavior is repeated we try to find the person and make an abuse complaint to his/hers Internet Service Provider or other responsible part, and sometimes we can bann this persons Alias.

    7. Q:Help! Someone is posting awful pictures as his image!!!

      A: Because of how the net looks today we have some tollerance, but if the image is too much, violent, illegal, pornographic, degradeing or just too disguesting, we will bann it. Make an abuse report and tell from wich URL or domain the image came from. After our bann the image can not be shown, instead the word [Imagekill] is shown. Illegal images will be reported to the proper channels.


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